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no money down cars tampa flCar loans come down to a budget plain and simple the more you can budget the more you can spend. Yes, it might suck for a few months or half a year but how bad do you want that car?


Even if it’s a used car in Tampa Florida it’s still better than walking and Florida is the number two spot to purchase used cars so it can’t be all bad.


But you want to have a narrowed down budget that’s for sure. Most car dealers in Tampa Florida want 10% down on a used car or $1,000 you can catch some car dealers doing $500 down for a used car in Tampa but you want to do your homework on the used car.


Look at used cars that have a shelve life at the car dealership



They may just want it off their lot because it’s been on the used car lot for too long. Yes, used cars have a “shelve life”.


Before you buy, however, you want to understand your used car options. How long are you looking to have the vehicle? How much do you drive? Because used cars need maintenance. That’s why you want to work with a certified local car dealer with used cars.


The more of a down payment on a used car you have the less you will have to pay in interest and the interest rate connects with your credit score. The average interest for most car buyers in Tampa is about 8% not good but not the worst.


So you might want to seek out other loan options such as banks or other lenders in Florida.


With a used car in Tampa yes it may look like a dream car for you but does it drive like a dream? You want to make sure you do not purchase a used car with bad brakes you can take the risk unless the car is under $3K.


Shop for affordable used cars in Tampa Florida



You want an affordable used car in Tampa so yes look at monthly payments on the used car but don’t rule out the total cost of the car that’s where a lot of car buyers go wrong. You want to see if the car dealership will negotiate so ask about the sticker price of the vehicle and work to pay less even if its $500 less you are making the interest go down. It’s okay to haggle a little bit with used cars and it might motivate a better sell. Remember that used cars have a “shelve life” and use it to your benefit if you can.

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