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pine hills florida auto loansSo here is an age old question for any one that has done this to get home? How long is it okay to drive on a spare tire and the question to the answer is up to you.

But the recommended time or distance is 50 miles and than you need to go and buy a new tire.

If your tires are going low on you once or twice a week it might be time to look at a new car or new tires. Even if your tires are going low its not a bad idea to see what you can get fixed first with your tires.

But before you go riding on a spare tire you will want to see if its got the recommended air in it. It can be a bummer to be riding on a somewhat low donut.

One thing you can do with low tires is going to a auto repair shop and have them look at the tire and maybe plug it before you spend the money on new tires.

Plugging your tires isn’t a bad idea but you will have to watch it. The recommended tire pressure for most cars is 31 and that is where you should stick around.

If you don’t want to fix the low tires you ┬ácan always get a new car with a car loan in your local area. We can help you get the financing you need in Pine Hills Florida for any credit.

See we work with the best special finance auto lenders in Pine Hills Florida. That want to see you ride away with a car.

Financing has never been easier for Florida residents in the Pine Hills area. But that is what we do is help you find the car loan that works and fits for you. Apply for your loan today

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