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If you’re looking to buy a car don’t lean towards a new car lean more towards a used car. Why they can be cheaper and don’t require a high down payment if one at all.


When it comes down to the dollar a used car might be a better financial move for you but that’s depending on how long you want the car and how long of a car loan you take out on the used car.


used car loans low payment tampa

We recommend when buying a used car in Tampa Florida no more than a 48 month loan on the car. But in some cases you need a decent down payment unless you have what the car dealership considers good credit.


Having bad credit can kill the deal or you can be denied at the last minute for a used car that’s why we suggest you know your credit score before you shop for anything even online.

Compare new and used cars in Tampa Florida

Remember when you want to buy a car new or used in Tampa Florida you always want to compare car dealer to car dealer.


We like to say work them out, over the years Auto Loans Florida has connected with many car dealerships for new or used cars.

used cars Tampa Florida

We even have special financing car dealers we connect with to help you out if your credit goes south.


Working with us means that you will connect with the car dealership in Tampa Florida that makes the most sense for you financially.

Low payment used cars in Tampa Florida

See if you can get a low payment auto loan in Tampa Florida and be connected with a no money down car dealer near you in Tampa Florida.


We have car dealerships that have $49, $79, and $89 down for multiple used cars.

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